Agenda January 12th 2020


                           Special Needs Athletic Program, Inc.

                                       January, 12, 2020

Open with prayer

Approve/read minutes from last meeting

Old Business

·  $25 gift cards were given to Jeremy and Gregory

·  Malco Movie Saturday going well

·  Athletic Banquet date

·  Landmark gym working out nicely

New Business

·  Treasury report. 

·  $565 In donations from Judy Carter

·  Athletic Banquet-decorations-setup-program

·  Awards for banquet-recipients 

·  Malco Movies-expand-Turn it over to the Philip and Jonathan

·  Change board meeting day to Thursday evenings 6-8

·  Quarterly get-togethers-should we continue

·  Fundraiser-do we need to have ours this year

·  Should all rewards be saved and given at banquet

Other business

Next Board meeting 

·  Next meeting will be April 9th, 2020 at 6:00pm

Motion to adjourn 

Close with Prayer